Client Reviews

Thank you Linda Lipinski for my Reiki treatment yesterday. I had no idea what to expect . Linda knew I was a sceptic, but I wanted to try a treatment out for myself so I can refer and recommend. I still don’t understand what she did but I know I zoned out and fell asleep which I really needed yesterday. Thank you Linda for yesterday afternoon….. 19th January.. Penny.. Radlett

The above message is from a sceptical client .. I love it when a client comes to me not knowing what to expect and leaves with a big smile on their face feeling relaxed and also energised

A message from a very satisfied client …. thank you Lynette .. I do hope that the Reiki healings help you with your health challenges

Another big thank you to Linda Lipinski for a special Reiki treatment on Thursday. . I have decided to have them every week at the moment to help my body heal I have been to many practitioners over the years and have to say that Linda’s treatments are by far the most powerful. If you or any one you know are going through health challenges ,in my opinion, Linda is the Reiki go to person.
18th January 2019 Lynette … Edgware ..

A message from a happy client ….. it makes what I do so worthwhile 🙏🏻

Thank you Linda Lipinski for the reiki session yesterday. I have no idea how to describe the experience to others in summary, but I would highly recommend that everyone who hasn’t already, books themselves in to have their own unique experience of it for themselves x
4th December 2018 .. Lisa… Southgate

A message from a satisfied client .. I love what I do when I get amazing messages like this

I would like to say a huge thank you to Linda Lipinski for her Reiki treatment on Friday last week. I was definitely in need of some down time and I have never experienced anything like it! I have had a Reiki treatment only once before but Linda’s treatment is on another level with the crystals she uses and also the drum vibrations which is strangely calming and therapeutic. I was utterly relaxed and in another place altogether. I highly recommend that you ladies give it a try.
Thank you very much Linda. I really enjoyed the treatment 😊 — feeling refreshed.
3rd December 2018 Guy… Enfield

A message from a satisfied client .. love getting testimonials like this. It makes what I do worthwhile and am happy to help people with my healing hands …. A big thank you to Linda Lipinski. I had another wonderful Reiki treatment today😇. Healing hands for sure! . … LG Edgware

A great review from a satisfied client‎ 9th October .. Kate N13L,

‘Thank you so much for the Reiki session yesterday! I wasn’t sure what to expect but you really put me at ease and I found the whole experience relaxing yet fortifying! If I could give you a 5* review I would do! Thank you!!’

‘Just had a brilliant Reiki healing with Linda Lipinski and feeling so much better. Can’t wait for my next session!! ‘ 11th July 2018 … Lynette … Edgware …..A message just now from a happy client

11th November 2018: A message from a Reiki Master who I taught over 11 years ago….. Caroline Walsh .. Brighton  

Now 11 years and still going strong thank to my lovely Reiki Master Linda Lipinski, Love and light xx]1

9 years ago today I achieved my Reiki Master from the very visionary and inspirational Linda Lipinski, am so lucky to know this lady Reiki blessings to all xx
19th November 2016.Caroline Walsh … Brighton

Emma NW11 12th March 2018…. Learn with Linda – a brilliant teacher

A huge thank you Linda Lipinski for a wonderful meditation class. So inspiring. Looking forward to the next session .. Lynette June 18

It was beautiful in there… very calm and lovely smells and sounds… Sonia after a meditation evening

Went to my first meditation session with Linda Lipinski… great session… Linda has such a soothing and calming presence… took me a while to settle my mind but left feeling very relaxed. Thanks Linda.. Sonia June 18

Great feedback from my Meditation group held on Monday .. Thankyou for attending Sonia

19th March 2018… Linda Lipinski thank you for my reiki session last week. I loved the druming and cannot remember the last time I relaxed so deeply. I look forward to my next session. Thank you xx Skevi

A message from a very satisfied client…. it makes me so happy that I can help people in this way

I highly recommend Linda Lipinski. She has been treating me with her amazing skills for many months. The improvement to my health challenges are amazing .my consultant can’t understand it!! Linda is a Reiki Master and Teacher too. She is the best I have experienced. 22nd March 2018 Lynette … Edgware   A message from a satisfied client Lynette Gold: 19th March 2018

Thank you Linda Lipinski for your amazing talent. Feel blessed! Did you know that Linda, a reiki master and teacher, has helped me heal from cancer , Can’t recommend Linda highly enough !!!!

Emma – NW11... 7th December 2017 Had the most incredible Reiki Healing session with Linda yesterday. I always leave feeling totally well and uplifted. As well as being a brilliant Reiki Master she alsi is a very gifted Medium, so I always have inspirational messages from my relatives. Whatever spiritual healing you are looking for go and see Linda, you will not be disappointed xxxxx ~Thank you for everything Linda xxx

24th February 2018… Lynette.. HUGE thank you Linda Lipinski for another amazing Reiki session today. ” In 4 weeks, 20% improvement again at my check up” I totally believe these sessions are enhancing me getting better,. The specialist is amazed with the results!

I specialise in treating cancer patients with Reiki, drumming and crystals

This is a message from a client that I have been working with for the past few months using drumming Reiki and crystals.

‘ Hi everyone. Encouraging news to share. After just 3 weeks of medical treatment the cancer has gone down 30% !! Having weekly REIKI with Linda Lipinski is CLEARLY having an enhanced beneficial effect. Feeling blessed… Lynette 29th January 2018

Thank you Linda for another amazing Reiki treatment. I am really noticing the difference with hugely increased energy levels. xx… Lynette 4 December 2017