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Love and Other Dangerous Chemicals

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Unusual and wonderful
submitted by Emily Monk   05/02/2015
I absolutely loved this book. I devoured it in two days, despite work and evening commitments. I was constantly looking up different things on the internet and learnt so much! This book made me want to go back to uni and study biochemistry, something which I very nearly did ten years ago. I will be recommending it to everyone.

submitted by Peter Caffrey   08/05/2014
In all honest I picked this book up in my library as a whim. Im a science fiction reader normally but i have a degree in biology and this book blew me away. I loved every page. The only odd thing was the title and author were different. Was this book originally published under a pseudonym of anthony stong?

a quantum leap in loveliness
submitted by Bridget Norman   30/11/2012
I started reading this last night, as a pleasant diversion to induce contented repose. In retrospect, this was something of a mistake as I laughed so much I not only annoyed the cat, but over-stimulated my brain so that sleep was only possible after determined immersion in a Georgette Heyer and exercise of stern self-control.
Lest it be deduced that my mirth resulted merely from the salacious nature of the book’s subject matter, I should perhaps mention that the section which caused near-apoplexy and necessitated a swift trip to the bathroom was the one concerned with the nature of time; namely 3.1, or page 25 in the English paperback edition, including of course the footnote.
This book, like its predecessors only more so, is not just amusing, ironic and delightful, but it is clever. It is worth the torture of attendance at a prestigious institute of higher education, just to appreciate the delicacy of its prose and the bang-on-the-money digs at academia with which it is so liberally bestrewed.
Mr Capella; thank you! And now I must rush back to your delightful book to see what happens next. Keep up the good work, that man. A+.

Loved it!
submitted by Gill Haven   26/11/2012
This was absolutely hilarious – I loved the molecular gastronomy scenes. Probably the most unusual, original romantic comedy I have ever come across. Thank you!

submitted by Louis Anthony Woodbine   09/11/2012
I had been waiting so patiently for the latest Capella book and let out a small hurrah in Waterstones as I spotted it this morning much to the consternation of the staff and other customers! Hurrah indeed! I can’t wait to slowly page turn so I can absorb in full the characters and storylines over the weekend. Sadly, I know that I will probably read it all too quickly and be left in another state of limbo until the next release…

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