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The Food of Love
submitted by Joanna O’Leary   21/01/2017
Amazing. My love of Italy and America all in one book. The aromas, the exquisite taste of the food. Eccellente, magnifico, una bella storia d’amore.

The WeddingOfficer
submitted by Dorielle Soler   05/10/2014
What a fantastic book ! Lent a copy by a friend I only started reading it our of politness convinced it was some flowery romance and was simply hooked ! Being a mediterranean, with close links to Italy and Italian food and culture, made it only more evocative !

submitted by Roberta Crownover   11/02/2014
This really is one of my favorite modern novels. I’ve been telling everyone who reads historical fiction to grab it. Approachable, sophisticated, and sexy, like good coffee.

submitted by Zeytuun abubakar   04/12/2013
I am 21,jst finished to read your book,i totaly love it,its so amaizing how coffe can change ones moods n feelings.I felt like i was there,like i was smelling the flavous,tasting the coffee,its a feeling that i cant enterly explain.I admire your writings the way you expresd with words the VARIOUS FLAVOURS OF COFFEE.I am looking forward to reading your other books.CHEERS.

My favourite Capella
submitted by Pamela Rwanyarare   11/11/2013
This will always remain my favourite Capella Novel. I came across it in the library accidentally and just read it. I had never read any of his books before and with this I developed an obsession for Capella. That I hunt the books down every day off I get. As I am on a very low income I buy them second hand from Oxfam and so far I am happy to say I now own all five, having bought the fifth ‘Love and other dangerous chemicals’ yesterday. What a Lucky and Great find. Keep writing. Pamela

Being 22 – any significance?
submitted by husna halim   06/05/2013
Just finished The Various Flavours of Coffee last night. A completely different read from The Food of Love & The Wedding Officer, and yet I like it. I’ve noticed that at the start of the book, Robert was 22 years old, the same age as James was in The Wedding Officer. I wonder, is there something significant on making both leads aged 22 at the beginning of each story, or is it just a coincidence? If you find my question as gibberish, feel free to ignore it. Thanks!

Hi Capella
submitted by Jyothisha S Anand   17/03/2013
First of all thanks for writing ‘The various flavors of coffee’. I think, after reading the book, I started to love coffee more than before. Reading through the pages, I found the first part of the book was more detailed and towards the end it came to an abrupt halt. Good effort!

Thank you
submitted by Ilaria Maddalena Ravelli   16/12/2012
Hi, Mr. Capella,
I bought your book by chance in a boring afternoon about 3 years ago. And I liked it immensely.
I’ve never found an author before able to express so effectively the lust that lies in food and drinks.
So, thank you and please, publish more in Italy, since you seems to like it so much. 🙂

Very nice and pleasant
submitted by Mario Cerutti   18/11/2012
A good friend of mine gave me as a present this book few weeks ago. I almost read it all on a flight to brasil….. To visit coffee plantations. Yes, I am working in coffee and for many years I liked cupping and tasting the precious beans.
I enjoyed the book; its a nice story but given my background i liked a lot the link with coffee and the coffee stories.
Thanks for this book mr. Capella.

Coffee flavours
submitted by James Murphy   02/11/2012
Stupidly left my copy on a bus in Mexico…anyone know where I might find a copy please?

Various Flavors of Coffee
submitted by Bev Jame   12/10/2012
I am 2/3 done reading your book and it is great, I am enjoying it. I do think you should make a movie out of this book, I would love to watch it on screene. Best Wishes!! and more books please…

A Treasure at the Dollar Tree
submitted by Beryl Hillman   04/09/2012
Can’t imagine how your book ended up at the Dollar Tree…however, it’s not the first wonderful book I’ve come across there. That said….I Loved It! It really does have a little of everything. It’s a real page turner. I recently saw a play about hysteria, so found that story line ironic for me. (Not something you hear talked about everyday!) Now I’ll go on to read your others. Thanks!

submitted by Steev Burgess   07/08/2012
Thank you for a wonderfully engaging book. Though set in the late 1800’s, what happened then seems so obviously to affect our lives now, it was very infomative as well as being a fine piece of storytelling.

TVFof Coffee
submitted by Lorna Panter   20/05/2012
I have just 5 minutes ago finished reading TFVof Coff,ee the Readers Digest Version enjoyed it so much have logged on to see what other works you have, will definately being be reading more of your work.

submitted by Charlotte Shaw   17/04/2012
I came across your book “the various flavours of coffee” completely by accident in my favourite little book shop in London, and I have to say I loved it!
The description of the scents and flavours simply took me there.
The whole story was so interesting and detailed, and not at all predictable. After finishing it I ran right back to the little shop to look for more of your work!

Enjoying ‘The Wedding Officer’.
submitted by Elizabeth Holley   03/02/2012
I have been listening to your wonderful novel ‘The Wedding Officer’ and have particularly enjoyed it because my husband and I went to Campania last October for the first time. He had always wanted to see Herculaneum and Pompeii, but the experience was much more astonishing than we had imagined. We stayed in San Giorgio a Cremano, in a very old manor house on the main street. When we looked out of our bathroom window, Vesuvius towered at the top of the road. So reading about the eruption of 1944, about which I had never heard, was very moving. I have just watched a Pathé News film about it on www.warwingsart.com/12thAirForce/Vesuvius.html
So I just had to buy a copy of your book for a friend, now 90, who was Consul-General of Naples and the area in 1980. John co-ordinated the British aid activities when the earthquake struck Naples that year. He was also a Captain and patrol leader in Popski’s Private Army, as they fought their way north through Italy, ahead of the regular forces. Your story is going to bring back many vivid memories of the Naples area for him and his wife.

Turkish coffee
submitted by john mullins   05/01/2012
Hi Anthony thanks for creating the wonderful “various flavours of coffee… I have a little story about discovering Coffee and the magical influence it can have.
I am retired now but worked for United nations in Bosnia i Hertzegovenia in 1999 and was based in the City of Brcko*(Brrrrshko) in the R. S republic of Srpska right on the serbian Border. Brcko was viruually without anything no infrastructure everything was difficult to get like Coffee /tea was nil,milk butter nil water was bottled no showers etc no sewage. My routine was to leave my accommodation and walk about
1 mile to my office at UN HQ in the City. This
was early September the Harvest time. As I was approaching the main St I noticed several of my neighbours leaving their homes and they were talking excitedly about something, met one of these people who spoke passable english She explained we have a New Coffee Shop opening this morning on Main St. As we arrived in the street a light breeze sprang up it was a beautiful Autumn morning and we were suddenly assailed with the most surprising fantastical aroma of Coffee I have ever experienced. I can only say that I floated the half mile to this Coffee shop and saw a small crowd beginning to Gather. there was great excitement. I saw a large Window of this new premises. The previous day it was boarded up. I saw three men inside, one was spilling a large 55 KG sack of coffee beans into a large Stainless steel vat about 6 feet in Diameter and the other two had wooden paddles like four foot long wooden spoons and they were stirring the beans. My neighbour explained they were roasting the beans. The heat from the shop was intense asnd must have been over 60 degrees Centirade. The Aroma, so close, was overpowering I was and am since completely addicted to coffee particularly Turkish. I queued and bought 2 llbs of beans about one Euro.. 2 dmarks at time.. I took them to Canteen and some of us in the base thereafter bought beans on a daily basis. A sense of euphoria pervaded Brcko thereafter and things began to come on line within the month water was restored and several cafe Bars and restaurants opened and normal life returned to Brcko all due to Coffee this was not just my opinion. the Cafe bar life there is like the pub scene in Ireland. I still get packets of Fresh Coffee beans brought to me from Brcko from Friends there. “Cafa mulim”(coffee please)john

what a joy to read
submitted by stephanie pavlides   15/12/2011
thrilled with your wonderful books.still to read THE ICECREAM one……..
all the best stephaniededitus loaded

submitted by Tony C   15/11/2011
I happened to read the Readers Digest version of TVFofCoffee, enjoyed it so much that I went out to get the full version and am reading it now.
Very unusual subject but I couldn’t put it down.

your good books
submitted by Bongani Nkonyane   07/09/2011
I’ve bought, the wedding officer, the food of love.. the Various flavours of coffee..now im waiting to buy the empress and Ice cream….great books give great taste and flavour of love “UYASHAYA”!!!

submitted by Peter Marshall   28/07/2011
I have just finished reading “the Various Flavours of Coffee” and just had to let you know how much I enjoyed it, one of the few books I have read that I did not want to put down When I return it to the Library tomorrow I will hope to find another written by you.
Yours sincerely
Peter Marshall

Loved it
submitted by Ruth H   10/06/2011
Hi, just wanted to say how much I loved reading The Various Flavours of Coffee. I have The Empress of Ice Cream on my to-be-read pile, and can’t wait to get stuck into it!

submitted by Lynne Archer   08/06/2011
I read this book on holiday when I swapped it in the hotel library and I am so glad I did. I could visualise every character and my senses were awakened. I enjoyed the thread of humour too, I especially remember the image of the frisky cart horse, very funny!

I hated your book because I loved it so much
submitted by Nirmala PuruShotam   08/06/2011
It is one of those books that spoil you: after reading it I could not find another book for weeks to read thereafter because it did not come up to standard. I loved the history – the ease with which one comes to it, and how it is so seamlessly synced with the story per se. I hesitated to buy the book as no one I know – all of whom are, strangely, big readers – knew of you. I am proud to be the one to push your name around now! THANK YOU!

Wonderful, informative and very readable
submitted by Rodney Binley   14/03/2011
I was introduced to this book by a customer ( I am founder of a mail order coffee business) I was expecting a descriptive book on distinguishing various flavours of coffee. Not correct. As a lover of coffee and a good novel I was delighted to find both represented in one package. I was informed and delighted, could not put the book down except to Google some of the references to a piece of equipment or a book about coffee I was unfamiliar with. Oh how I would love to own a Toselli coffee maker !
I have introduced many of my French speaking friends to the delights of fresh roasted coffee and would love to recommend this book. Is it available in French ?
Thanks for a truly enjoyable experience
Rodney Binley

wonderful, educational,thought provoking
submitted by Kay McKeown   18/01/2011
I have listened to this book on CD and thoroughly enjoyed it. The various strands: the suffragettes; the coffee trade; hint of Limehouse; Africa; History, Hysteria; & the characters. Oh the characters!

The comments on sheep who don’t have the capacity to understand the notion of movement of the train – obvious but something I have never thought of. Lovely.

Thank y9ou for writing the book

Beauty B4 Age…
submitted by Kwesi Stone   11/01/2011
Well I finished the course…decidedly, and I must say that although I do enjoy the purpose {and flavor} of coffee drinking I certainly found this book short of either romance or novelty! It is utterly Racist and Sexist; and its theme is short on conscious [or subconscious] satisfaction…although the coffee lessons are direct[learned] enough, yet that may be more proof to a misnomer of title. Perhaps “Wallis-Pinker Method” is the sole appropriate title, but then again perhaps I am not privy to some “secret-Journal of necessity.”
And since discrimination is the theme of my own work [Onomatopoeia: An Indictment Against the Rationale of Illegal Discrimination] I must comment personally that this book’s themes are limited to that of Race and Sex…which means that the themes of The Wedding Officer must be contritely focused upon Age and Ego; thusly completing a quadrille of discrimination idioms {ARSE}
Furthermore, such a lithe [and blithe] reference to women’s suffrage IS reprehensible and instead MUST be precluded by a thoroughly mediate intimation of Phrenology{and perhaps, only that of Elsie L. Benedict’s}…although the crucial ingredient to the [time-relative] controversy of the subject is wholly within Women’s “opinion” on the possibility of Immaculate Conception – and the further details into objective and “subjective” details of “reading faces!”

My own work aims to address the further disambiguation of “The f-word”{f*ck} with respect to all four idioms as quorum…as well as their linguistic subterfuge.
But I’m sure I’ll still face The Wedding Officer…eventually; {or not}

submitted by Jose Granado   30/12/2010
Dear Anthony,

Thanks for writing “The various flavours of coffee”. I am absolutely delighted with it.

At first, I was not sure of getting it. But I do not regret my decission at all. You may wonder why. Well, I ussually read about 25 pages every day before I go to bed. With other books, that’s sometimes, difficult. WITH THIS BOOK, I COULD NOT STOP READING.

I am before an epic book: DRAMA, HISTORY (Absolutely great piece of art your depiction of Africa, its indigenous populations), BRITISH CULTURE AND MODERN HISTORY (absolutely rigorous about the Suffraggettes), BUSINESS AND ECONOMY (not usual and ussually wrongfully focused by ither writers), EDUCATION (COFFEE, of course) and ROMANCE and LOVE (for obvious reasons).

I would like to ask you something:
at the end, and in a very clever location, it seems that Frog always liked him, although you say nothing about it. But, after two failed relationships, do you think he felt in love with her and that this love was a kind of mixture among Fikre (young) and Emily (clever)?

Oh, Anthony, thank you again for such a delicious book.


Jose Granado.

Fruit or Chocolate?!
submitted by Kwesi Stone   30/12/2010
I began my own first novel (in an idiom which I have identified as narrative fiction) in November of 2007 upon the {legal} premise of “Duplicity.” I came across this one after reading The Emperor of Ocean Park (right during the whole Eliot Spitzer scandal) and read it about half-through, as I couldn’t force my mind into the sexual subterfuge without tracing a more historical relevance (some historical fiction relative to the Napolenic campaigns @ N. Africa)…and I actually came up in a singles chatroom with a handle precursive to WWI – so naturally, I shall have to save The Wedding Officer until my own novel is complete. I just picked The Various Flavors of Coffee back up and I’m so curious as to how the second half relates to my own Unique Intuition.
What is more idealistic?
That the book appeal more to one sex or the other; or that its finality satisfies its bold use of an infectious commercial device?
And…is eating coffee and ice cream at the same time a sin?

Empress of ice Cream
submitted by Danielle deininger   08/11/2010
When will this bok be released in the US?

Want ’em all!
submitted by Joanna La Mexicana   29/09/2010
I did read from first to last page, “The Various Flavors of Coffee” expecting a technical yet amusing book about coffee. I red it about a year ago, while I was on my way back from Alaska, visiting my sister in Orlando. During the cold days of Alaska, I craved coffee like never before, but in Orlando I didn’t want it as if it was the last beverage on earth. But this book helped me appreciate that coffee is more than a flavour. It has become a full, rich experience. When I got back home, Mexico City, I started looking for this book, for my personal collection. Nothing. Not a single page, nobody knows about it. What is it with bookstores down here???
I’d love to read the other books from Anthony, but where could I find ’em? Please, please pleaaseeee come visit us, bring your books, get yourself a translator. I can do it!! As long as I get to read them all.
Have a great day, and thank you for a delightful reading. I can’t wait to get my hands on The Food of Love (from Amazon, of course).

A Good One This Time
submitted by Jullena Sketo   14/07/2010
Dear Mr. Capella,
I finished The Various Flavours of Coffee just this morning. I was at the part about Emily going to prison last night and had to finish it first thing this morning over, of course, a cup of coffee. What can I say…this book makes want to become an aficianado of all things coffee. I loved coffee before but now I really am in love with it. I will now search for “the various flavours of coffee” in every cup…I also enjoyed the enthusiasm with which Robert enjoyed other things:)

Message from reading group
submitted by Heather Briggs   27/05/2010
We all enjoyed your book and the majority thought cover 4 the best!
I personally thought there should be some sort of indication on the cover that there was a lot of ‘sex’ described just so the reader knew what they were getting– but no other readers thought so — I must be prudish!

The Wedding Office and The Various Flavours of Coffee
submitted by Frith Loudon   28/03/2010
I first ‘discovered’ you in the library a couple of weeks ago and have devoured The Wedding Office and just finished The Various Flavours of Coffee. Thank you for two stunning stories. The Wedding Office was of particular interest as my step father was in Naples around the same time your story is set and had a lot of photos and stories of the conditions of the city and the tenacity of the people. The Various Flavours of Coffee is a great book. The history of coffee, the start of a new century and era of business and thinking in erotic London and details of the suffragette movement was compelling reading. In 1893 my country New Zealand was the first in the world to give women the vote of which we are very proud and reminds us that it did not come easily and has yet to come for so many women of the world. It also reminded me why I buy free trade coffee and that business practices have not improved over the past 100 years. Thank you for writing these historical facts into stories with such humanity, style and humour. Looking forward to your new book.

Various Flavours of Coffee
submitted by Andrea Hunt   27/02/2010
The most enjoyable book i have read. Anthony is obviously a very gifted writer.
I enjoyed learning about the historical events aswell.
Thanks Anthony…i can’t wait to read your The wedding officer next.

Can a man and a woman (unrelated otherwise), but working together, use one set of senses without arousing some others?
submitted by Jayanta (Jay) Sarkar   12/01/2010
Is that the way Nature created us and the coffee/cappuccino…Intrigues of Nature? You have really succeded exceedingly well (indeed, better than many spiritual gurus!) in proving, that in the course of growing up, one must realize the limitations of unfettered sensuality and hedonism!

Cheers, Jay!

Awaiting a brilliant sequel, based on the following recipe!
submitted by Jayanta (Jay) Sarkar   12/01/2010
And then, five years after the events I have written about here, Phil and I produced a blend of our own. It smelt intensely of vanilla and meringues, burnt cream and crusty bread, and that faint, far-off whiff of sex that perfumes all new born skin when it first emerges from the womb. She is absolutely perfect, and she rejoices in the name of, “Geraldine Emily Wallis.” Perfect title for the next book!

Various Flavors of Coffee
submitted by Hester Green   09/01/2010
Thoroughly enjoyed this book! I only wished I was getting the whole range of flavors the Robert mentions in his descriptions of coffees when I drink my own coffee. anyway, I’m looking forward to reading your other books and … will you be coming out with a sequel about Robert’s life with “Frog”?

from author of Uncommon Grounds
submitted by Mark Pendergrast   15/11/2009
Hello, Anthony Capella — I’m not sure if you read these posts or not, but I wanted to be in touch. I wrote UNCOMMON GROUNDS, the history of coffee that you cited as having used for background in writing THE VARIOUS FLAVORS OF COFFEE. I picked up your novel because I thought I should look at it, but I got absorbed by the characters, the plot, the writing style, and the themes. Bravo! I just finished reading it. It was delightful on many levels. My only critique is that I couldn’t figure out what years you were writing about in the last half of the book. Since you conflated a good deal of coffee history (including the current specialty movement and the burning of coffee during the Depression) into a time around the turn of the century, I suppose that’s why you intentionally glided over dates. At any rate, it’s a wonderful novel, it will educate people about coffee, and I will recommend it to others.

Powerful Potion
submitted by John Caluwaerts   29/10/2009
A novel about coffee, coffee and sex, coffee and love, sex without love and love without sex, beans and ‘bollocks’ and the absence of them, set against 19th century fin-de-siècle politics and suffragette London and colonial Africa. And about the Stock Exchange. A powerful potion of human passions…

Various Flavours of Coffee
submitted by Faiza Naz   24/10/2009
Mr.Capella! this book was sooooooo good. Just amazing. I don’t know if I absolutely destest Robert, or if I am madly in love with him!

polish version
submitted by teresa novak   23/10/2009
Is this book translated to polish by any chance? I want to recommend it to some polish friends of mine but I cannot find it on the polish market.

I am commissioned to translate this book
submitted by Soula Lo   29/09/2009
Hi Anthony,

I recently commissioned to translate “The various flavours of Coffee” into traditional Chinese (Taiwan). I only read some pages so far but kept thinking about how to translate the quote from Marcus Aurelius: Yesterday a drop of semen, tomorrow a handful of spice or ashes.

I assume that this is talking about life begins from a drop of semen and end as ashes. What I don’t understand is that why “spice=ashes”? does it related to ancient Rome adding a handful of spice to the dead body?

This novel is full of sarcasm and witty conversation; quite hilarious to me. Especially what Robert’s thoughts and behaviours are very different from what he acts in front of Emily, which reminds me of many men pretend to be agreeable in front of women just to impress them.

Hope to hear from you soon!


submitted by Ruja Yanova   08/09/2009
Great book! I’m from Bulgaria and bought the book by chance, but what a great book!! Thank you, the story is very romantic and was told very very good

Scents, smells and various other aromas
submitted by Louis Anthony Woodbine   08/09/2009
I was totally gripped by both your previous books and so reading something set in a completely different time and environment really intrigued me. I loved the way you describe the flavours and aromas of coffee, setting the heart aflutter, and forcing me to improve my style in my wine blog (http://louisanthonywoodbine.blogspot.com) I am looking forward to your next book very much.

submitted by christinia    01/09/2009
I work at a library and a patron had returned this book. I was intrigued because I hadn’t seen it come out. I read it and loved it and I have enjoyed your other books. It makes me miss Italy

delirously content
submitted by C   10/08/2009
It is Women’s Day today here in South Africa. I have just spent the entire day devouring The Various Flavours of Coffee. I made two pots of coffee, beans from Malawi – distinct chocolate flavour, full-bodied. The weather is inclement, perfect for being cuddled up and reading.

How apt to be taken down the history of suffragettes when on this day in 1956, more than 20,000 women marched to government buildings in Pretoria and presented a petition protesting laws that made African women carry special passes. Fortunately we are in a different place now.

The love Robert has for Emily resonates to my core, the love I have for my own Robert, that really is his name, yet unattainable. A love so deep yet will always be the most valued friendship and nothing more, ever. I have learnt to live with it, it scares me sometimes when I realise the depths of my feelings but actually it is the status quo and I am fine with it. His friendship is more valuable to me than not.

Thank you for my beautiful day!

Various Flavours of Coffee
submitted by jo devine   07/08/2009
Have just finished reading this book, and what a delight to an avid coffee drinker. From start to finish it held me spell bound. The historical information was just right to weave its way through the story.

Richness of “Flavours”
submitted by Roberta Crownover   07/08/2009
I have been touting this book to any who would listen. Indulgent and intelligent. Thank you.

impressed, i find myself a fan……
submitted by Jamie Hendrickson Schreiber   01/08/2009
Looking for a good read, I stumbled upon your book at the library. The librarian had it on display. I picked it simply because I liked the title. I have never written to an author before, but wanted to let you know that I think it is one of the best books I have read in a very long time. I was quite impressed and am currently reading The Food of Love and planning on reading anything else you choose to write about. Being a foodie myself, I invite you to take a look at my Facebook Page. My husband and I are building a pizza oven and I look forward to trying out some of your recipes for woodburning ovens. I also used a line from your book on my profile page, of course I gave you full credit. Hoping I too may find it within myself to actually write a book not just read them. I have two very awesome pages, so far…… You are very talented and I am very impressed. It is not very easy to write a book, much less a good one.
Sincerely, Jamie

The love for this book
submitted by Marc Carter   30/07/2009
This is the first book i have read and really understood all aspects of the writing and the story. It was fantastic and i have to say i was very moved and touched by all the characters. I would love to discuss more about this book with people and of course Mr Capella himself. After reading this book i have started on my journey of reading. Thanks.

submitted by Ben Wilson   16/07/2009
Hello Mr. Capella. Just finished The Various Flavours of Coffe. I liked the development of the characters and despite the book being started in first-person, how you were able to show the reader the feelings of also Emily, Kaku and some other people in the book. I also enjoyed how the book had this moral connection with people. I have to admit though that I would like to know the story of Robert Wallis and Philomena. My favourite line has to be “Oh no, I thought. Please no. Not that. Not again.” Just has a personal connection. I really enjoyed this book and hope to see more in the future, either new ideas or continuations. Whichever it is, I am sure I will read it and ejoy it.

Delicious, Sensuous, and Stunning
submitted by Dewi Anggraeni   01/07/2009
I don’t judge the book by its cover, but sometimes I do judge the book by its title. As a great fan of coffee–one who never absence of drinking one to two mug a day–I decided to buy this book because I was hoping that I would find the art of coffee within the novel. In fact, I found a lot more than that. The scenes in Africa not only magical, exotic, and sensuously described, but also stunned me with the big issue of colonialism and how it effects global trading; the embryo of free trade and capitalism. I also like how the female characters in this book have strong character, especially Fikre.

A contender to Jane Austen ‘Pride and Prejudice’
submitted by Valwynne Faulkner   23/06/2009
I am an avid reader and read during all my spare time, this week alone I have read 6 books but ‘The various flavours of coffe’ caught my eye in my local library. I have exams tomorrow but i could go another day without taking a glance, I have just read the first chapter and it was BREATHTAKING. I always thought the opening paragraph to ‘Pride and Prejudice’ was the best opening in English literature but after your astounding first chapter I am not too such if she still holds that title in my mind.
Tomorrow after my exams I am going to rush home and stay up as long as possible to finish this beautiful piece of literature.

submitted by Susan Gaal   08/06/2009
It is a wounderful book. Beautifully written but easy read, interesting, educational, informative.
The ending isn’t what you expect that made this book even better.
Excellent descriptions, I could feel and taste the different flavours of the coffee while I was reading it.
I can’t wait to read more from this author.

submitted by Eugene Lew   31/05/2009
thank you for this wonderful gift. It entertained me with a cast of warm, likeable characters, transported me to Africa on a magic carpet of high adventure, educated me in the enterprises of business, Victorian oscillators and suffragettes, seduced me with insights into the female libido, and delighted me with the aroma of coffee throughout. A totally satisfying work, masterful.

submitted by Maria    09/04/2009
I really enjoyed this book, although I must admit I was a bit disappointed by the ending! So many different themes are brought together, and I felt like I learnt a lot about the period of history that I didn’t know before. I already buy fairtrade where possible, but reading this has reminded me of why that’s so important! Also, Robert is a really likeable character, in my opinion. I felt like I got to know him and am a bit sad that I’ve finished reading about him now!

submitted by Margie Clark   09/02/2009
It’s not just about coffee but about everything in life! I truly enjoyed reading this book (I never heard of you before this one and I’m sorry about it!). I can’t wait to read The Food of Love and The Wedding Officer.

Keep writing!

fuss pot
submitted by Jess Boulton   02/02/2009
i loved this book
and I’m really fussy
Jess Boulton

i’ll never drink instant again…!
submitted by Jim Brent   28/01/2009
must be one of the best books ive read this year, and probably the most enjoyable! one very minor point (not a criticsm) – its very unlikely that Fikre would have been allowed to wear pants or their equivalent, given the age, setting and her circumstances – any comment?
thanks for the great characters and the great plot. would liked to have seen more of The Frog.

submitted by Amy Alkins   26/01/2009
This is the first book of yours I’ve been privileged to read and I must say it is the most stimulating, scandalous, inspiring, and exhilaratingly book I have read. I’m a stay at home mom of 2 toddlers and this book is the most excitement I have had through out these cold winter months! Thank You Anthony Capella, you are truly talented. I have recommended your books to family and friends, as a must read for this winter! I fully intend on reading your other novels.

Good Read
submitted by H W   23/01/2009
Our book discussion group will be discussing this novel on Monday, January 26, 2009. It is the second in a series featuring hot winter beverages (Three Cups of Tea, and Like Water for Chocolate).

caffine hit
submitted by lesley barker   19/01/2009
Just finished reading and can liken it to a strong cup of coffee! Makes your heart race in places. Have learnt so much about suffergates like most people thought thyey marched and chained themselves to railings but never knew what horror they went through for the future generations.moved me to tears.

Novel as delicious as a great cup of coffee
submitted by Kat M   18/01/2009
I loved this novel! I am a coffee fiend and really enjoyed all the descriptions of the various flavors of coffee. I would drink my morning coffee slowly and try to discern different flavors. What is ironic is I think I read a lot of this book sipping coffee in various coffee stores/restaurants! The coffee aspect was my favorite part of the book but the love stories were also fascinating. I am a very picky reader but would give 5 stars for this novel in a heartbeat. I am looking forward to reading the other two books by Cappella. I’m also looking forward to the next novel. How about the chocolate industry?

submitted by Beryl Mackay   11/01/2009
The Various Flavours of Coffee.
The first thing to draw me to this book (& to me, new Author), was the title. Loved every word & evocative perfumes of the coffe & the characters were wonderful Congratulations on the good references to various coffes & I will look now for your other books. Why was my cover different to that shown? Mine has a gorgeous English Coffee Cup on the cover, Love it, too.

Very inspiring story…
submitted by Erland Riis Lavsen   02/01/2009
Thanks for the amusing story, which I for sure found very inspiring, especially the descriptions of the characters. The combo of sensuality, dramatic emotions and an interesting story seems like the perfect blend…

The Various Flavours of Coffee
submitted by Nicki Bourlioufas   01/01/2009
I absolutely loved this book, and could not put it down – I fought off pregnancy hormones to stay awake at night to complete it as quickly as I could. The characters are so real, and so Mr Wallis so utterly entertaining. And the historical background fascinating – as a financial journalist I can finally make some sense of a futures contract, and as a woman, I’ll make sure not to neglect my vote. As for the s treatment of Emily’s ‘hysteria’, who would have believed such a thing possible? A great read, and now I’m determined to read the other two of Anthony Capella’s books. I’ll be happy to enjoy them half as much! As for my Lavazza machine, which I drink from daily, after I insert a pod, I’m wonering what Mr Walis would think?

Nicki B
submitted by Nicki Bourlioufas   01/01/2009

The Various Flavours of Coffee
submitted by Pamela Lovatt   31/12/2008
When I read the synopsis of this book I was not sure I wanted to read it as I had thoroughly enjoyed The Food of Love and The Wedding Officer which were both set in Italy. However, I did read it and what a roller coaster of a story. Fascinating insights into women’s suffrage, business practices and the coffee trade, etc. Very different but interesting and believable characters whom you cared about. Keep up the good work and I look forward to your next novel

The Various Flavours of Coffee
submitted by collette clark   21/12/2008
I have been waiting to read this book for 6 months and have just finished it!!! I could not put it down, just like your other books. Thank you so much for this wonderful story. I cant wait until your next!!!!

submitted by Lily    07/12/2008
Well, I’ve enjoyed reading the various flavors of Coffee as I enjoy the smell of roasting beans!

submitted by Fiona Thompson   07/12/2008
I received a free copy of this book as thanks for taking part in the discussion to choose the cover for the paperback. I read it in almost one go and devoured every word. The best yet Anthony!

on reading
submitted by Lily    03/12/2008
I am not yet finished reading it, but let me drop my opinion even so. Well as an Ethiopian, I’m learning about the way how the tribes were living their life back then in this story. It sounds very real and I think in many ways it’s real. The rule of the jungle indeed seems very uncivilized for many, but in many ways it’s very mellow or even peaceful. I love the adventure, the romance and the erotic in this book. I hope the last pages will be nice and surprising. Looking forward to read them. I’ll get back here later.

submitted by JUDY GELUSO   01/12/2008


LOVED the book
submitted by natalie    14/11/2008
The Various Flavours of Coffee is now my favourite of all your books! I cared so much about Robert and Emily, who are completely believable characters, and I loved the way you gradually built it from the romantic comedy at the beginning to the tragedy at the end – I needed several hankies before I reached the final page. Thank you, thank you! Please update your website soon so we know what you will be writing next!

Love of food and reading
submitted by Kyria   15/09/2008
Hi Anthony
I couldnt wait till your latest book was released in Australia so it has been the first book I’ve ordered online. Since discovering ‘Food of Love’ in a library I now have all my own copies. All your books are so delicious I have enjoyed every morsel – thankyou

the various flavors of coffee
submitted by phyllis emm   08/09/2008
We are constantly trying new varieties, blends, sources, whole bean and ground. That is what attracted me to the book initially. The literacy, intelligence, and humor made me sorry to have to finish it so soon. I savored it as we savor our first morning cup. Acapella is good listening, and A. Capella is good reading.

love the new book!
submitted by Gemma Holden   07/09/2008
Just wanted to say that I adored The Various Flavors of Coffee. I was a big fan of The Wedding Officer (and The food of Love) and I wasn’t sure if you would be able to make it three in a row… but you did. Emily and Robert completely came alive for me and your descriptions of thier love affair as they taste coffees was just mouthwatering. Thank you and I can’t wait for the next one. Best, Gemma

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