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BBC documentary – Norman Lewis Naples ’44 and Elena Ferrante novels
submitted by Laura Donjon   28/11/2017
I enjoyed reading The Wedding Officer a couple of years ago as an easy holiday read, but was just reminded of it when I found my husband watching the BBC documentary about Norman Lewis’ diaries:
I kept saying ‘that is just like in a book I read once’ and then I remembered The Wedding Officer and found this website, where of course I find that Norman Lewis was an inspiration for the book!

I should also recommend the Elena Ferrante novels ‘My Brilliant Friend’ and it’s sequels, even though I haven’t read them yet! Some linked articles from The Guardian below:



submitted by jenny broughton   21/02/2016
Dear Mr Capella – what a treat it is to be able to write to an author I have discovered (purely by the cover on your book the Wedding Officer). I just adored it and the food and recipes gave it such a wonderful taste and feel. It makes one want to visit this fabulous region as I was completely transfixed by your descriptions and the story. Thank you so much, and I can’t wait to read every single one of your books. Regards Jenny Broughton

Foodie Lit review of The Wedding Officer
submitted by Susan Weintob   14/12/2015
Read Susan Weintrob’s Foodie Lit review of The Wedding Officer with a recipe from one of Anthony’s favorite chef’s, Marcella Hazan. Click here read review: http://www.everydayhappyfoods.com/#!foodie-lit/cure

submitted by Paula O Donovan   21/08/2015
I don’t read many books as I am very fussy about what I read. I won’t read for the sake of reading. But since I read the Wedding Officer about 5 years ago now it has made it impossible for me to select a book and no matter how good a book I read my thoughts are always “yea, but not as good as the Wedding Officer”. I am a history teacher and have lived in Italy and return there every year with my husband (teenage sweetheart) for the food and culture so as you can see, this book satisfies all my 4 great passions – history, food, All things Italian and affairs of the heart. More please!!

The Wedding Officer
submitted by Maria Polmeer   30/04/2015
What a delightful read! My cooking was inspired while reading it. Delightful writing style with a light touch.
Will now seek out The Food of Love.

Basil & parmesan gateau
submitted by Carole Morin   03/12/2014
Preparation time: 10-15 min
Yield: one 8-inch gateau, 12 appetizer portions
Basil & parmesan gateau
1 cup (250 mL) fresh ricotta cheese
1 cup (250 mL) fresh cream cheese
1 cup (250 mL) freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese
4 whole eggs
2 cloves garlic
Juice of 2 lemons
1 tbsp flour
2 tbsp melted butter
3 cups (750 mL) fresh basil leaves, cleaned and dried
1 cup (250 mL) sour cream
Grated nutmeg
Salt and pepper
Preheat oven to 325°F (160°C)
In a food processor, mix the cream cheese, ricotta and parmesan until smooth. Add eggs, garlic, lemon juice, flour, butter and seasoning. Process. Add basic and process until smooth. Add sour cream and mix until just blended.
Pour mixture into 8-inch (20 cm) spring form pan lined with plastic wrap.
Bake 50 minutes. Allow to cool for at least 6 hours.
To serve, use two spoons to make a quenelle (i.e., a small, oval-shaped dumpling) and place on oven-dried tomatoes (see below) drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil and sprinkled with pine nuts. As an alternative, you could also serve with fine crackers, rice crackers or croutes, or on a bed of fresh, sliced tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with pine nuts.
Oven-dried plum tomatoes
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Yield: 20 tomato cups
10 plum tomatoes
¼ cup (60 mL) extra-virgin olive oil
2 tsp sugar
freshly ground black pepper
Slice plum tomatoes lengthwise and scoop out interior flesh and seeds. Toss tomato cups with oil. Place tomatoes skin side down on a baking tray. Sprinkle with sugar and pepper. Place in a very low oven (200°C) for 2-3 hours, or in a turned-off oven overnight. Turn over occasionally during drying time.

Wedding Officer movie
submitted by Lisa Fantino   10/03/2014
Delighted for you. Says it’s to be released next year. Hope the film does your wonderful book justice!

submitted by Astrid De Clercq   08/04/2012
I read this book when I was on vacation and now, I’m determined to read other books of Anthony Capella! When I started to read, I couldn’t stop, I always wanted to find out what was going to happen next! This book was absolutely beautiful 🙂

Please I need to get Wedding Officer complete version
submitted by Francisco Priante    15/02/2012
I´ve just read the condensed book Wedding Officer in Reader Digest Selections. I want to get the complete book, version in Spanish.
Please, I need your orientation to buy it, to know where I can get it, because I have gone to some librarys and they had told me that they don´t have it. I took your dates from de book of Reader Digest.
Thank you very much for your help and orientation.
Francisco Priante.

Solicitar libro completo en edicion en español
submitted by Francisco Priante   15/02/2012
Lei­ el libro condensado “El oficial de matrimonios” (Officer Wedding) de Selecciones de Leader Digest.
Quisiera yo saber si tiene el libro completo en una edicio³n en español para comprarlo donde usted me indique.
Muchas gracias,
Francisco Priante

Enjoying ‘The Wedding Officer’. (3nd message)
submitted by Elizabeth Holley   03/02/2012
Sorry – posted this beside wrong novel.

I have been listening to your wonderful novel ‘The Wedding Officer’ and have particularly enjoyed it because my husband and I went to Campania last October for the first time. He had always wanted to see Herculaneum and Pompeii, but the experience was much more astonishing than we had imagined. We stayed in San Giorgio a Cremano, in a very old manor house on the main street. When we looked out of our bathroom window, Vesuvius towered at the top of the road. So reading about the eruption of 1944, about which I had never heard, was very moving. I have just watched a Pathé News film about it on www.warwingsart.com/12thAirForce/Vesuvius.html
So I just had to buy a copy of your book for a friend, now 90, who was Consul-General of Naples and the area in 1980. John co-ordinated the British aid activities when the earthquake struck Naples that year. He was also a Captain and patrol leader in Popski’s Private Army, as they fought their way north through Italy, ahead of the regular forces. Your story is going to bring back many vivid memories of the Naples area for him and his wife.

submitted by Stephanie Pavlides   15/12/2011


submitted by Karen Louie   17/08/2011
Phew I thought I was reading funny. I’m happy to see I’m not the only one confused by Pupetta’s death. Still a great read.

I’ve read all 4 novels looking forward to any new ones and hence checking this site a little more frequently.

submitted by Donna Merkle   11/08/2011
Frieda Lloyd, I am so glad that I wasn’t the only one that noticed this. I kept reading the page over again just to make sure that Pupetta had been killed and I hadn’t read it wrong…lol
Other than that I love, love, love this book. It is the first book that I read by Capella. I had just finished a WWII novel that took place in England, France, and California. I wanted to read something else with a WWII theme and I found a review for this book. I happened to see it on the shelf at the library and the rest is history. I can’t wait to get any one of his other novels to read. The Wedding Officer was just wonderful!!!

submitted by Frieda Lloyd   19/06/2011
I started reading the Wedding Officer and am totally into it. I was a bit schocked to read that Priscilla and Pupetta were bellowing and stamping hoofs after Pupetta was shot by soldiers some pages earlier.
How was Pupetta resurrected?

The Wedding Officer Movie
submitted by Lonny Wedell   06/04/2011
Sorry for the second post
My suggestions for actors
All the Italians need to be from Southern Italia.
The Allies can be any one really. But the Italians have to be unknowns from Napoli area. Otherwise this movie would be no good. I would suggest looking in to the actors from the Gomorra movie. Also the movie needs to be shot in Napoli. I am sure the buildings still exist and the place you need to go are still there.

Home Sick
submitted by Lonny Wedell   06/04/2011
I lived in Napoli from 2006-2009. This book truly made me home sick. When I first moved to Napoli, I hated it, the driving the rude people every thing was out of place. For an American life was backward. After year it grew on me. Not so much for my wife as all the trash burning caused her medical conditions to worsen. Eventually, I learned how to drive on the Autostrada , how to speak the unwritten Neapolitan language, and even push my way through the crowed cafe stand for espresso aka (CAFE). I truly enjoyed reading about places I have been too and hearing about the food. This book made me miss a place I fell in love with. I still keep in contact with my dear friends that work at the air terminal on the base. I hope one day to return to Napoli. Until then FORZA NAPOLI!
I beg you please don’t make another re-write it is prefect just the way it is written.

submitted by Jenyfer B.   24/03/2011
This book is a masterpiece! I’ve been recommending this to my friends and they’re loving it. I really love the book i could feel the passion in cooking and with the lovestory. its really an inspiring book for me, i’ve been loving cooking ever since i was a child and this book helped me pursue my dreams to be a chef someday… loving it

bella italia! This book should be a movie!
submitted by sharon swords   29/08/2010
this book was so wonderful, I cant wait to read another of Mr Capella’s books.
when is the book going to be made into a movie. I think it woul dbe fantastic! Come on hollywood 🙂

submitted by Megan Clark   21/08/2010
I had been searching for the perfect book to read before my college classes begin again. This was it! I laughed…cried…and was completely enveloped in the beauty of Italian cuisine. This book has spurred me to find the recipes authentic to the region of Italy my family comes from. This book is truly a work of art!

submitted by Gio Holiday   09/08/2010
Just got back from my holidays, took 9 books to read, and the Wedding Officer was the best by far! Perfect reading in the sunshine, incredibly evocative, just a beautiful story – thank you!

love it!
submitted by Jennifer D   14/04/2010
Hello! I couldn’t help writing how much I love this book! I don’t usually pick up paperbacks in the fiction section but this one caught my eye. Probably my attention was first captured by the author’s Italian last name, maybe he’ll write about Italy? You see ever since I moved back to Canada from living in Italy for two and a half years I yearn for and crave anything remotely Italian. I have been to Napoli twice, it’s true what someone else wrote on here, you really begin to love it the second time round. So as soon as I saw the lemons on the cover and the word Naples I was hooked. Btw, is there anyone else out there who has lived in Italy and moved back ‘home’ I would love to meet people who feel the same way I do: I wanna go baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!
This book encourages intuitive cooking, which I am all about, recipes, what are those?? Just go with whatever fresh ingredients you have and feel it out!
Also, I have to disagree with someone’s choices for a leading actress for Livia. While I am happy they are making a movie out of this novel, the actress chosen for Livia, must be authentically Italian, and not just that, authentically Southern Italian!, and should not be a famous celebrity, but rather someone passionate and unknown! Trust me, a rich celebrity won’t ‘get’ what Livia was all about! Although I couldn’t help inserting a giovane Sofia Loren into many of Livia’s scenes 😉

Thanks for reading!

My choices…
submitted by Anna Hudson   29/03/2010
Heyy I absolutly love the wedding officer i was wondering when the movie is made if one of these actresses get chosen for Livia. my choices are Penople Cruz and Kate Hudson, or that girl from pirates and the carribean even though she has a british accent and for Enzo, Matt Damon or Jake Gyllenhaal and for James–> Wentworth Miller. maybe you wont like these choices but i just gave my opinion=)

submitted by Maura    16/03/2010
Hi there
I’ve just finished reading this book and enjoyed it so much, I can’t wait to recommend it to all my friends. I’ve visited Naples in the past and on my first trip into the city I was overwhelmed by the dirt and noise and towerblocks but the second time round I felt it was so big and ugly that I couldn’t help liking it. Reading this book brought it all back to me in a good way. Thank you!

submitted by Stephanie LoGrande   11/03/2010
This is the first time I have contacted an author’s message board, but just had to. Just finished reading The Wedding Officer & The Food of Love. Started The Various Flavours of Coffee this afternoon. What a treat they all are. The descriptions are wonderful. I was certain I could smell the garlic and basil and could feel the breeze blow off the coast. I can not wait for the movies. Hooray!

submitted by celine honore   18/02/2010
I first discovered your writing through the Various Flavours of Coffee and decided I needed to buy more of your books. And so started a long search of going into every book shop I could, to find the Wedding Officer. What a beautiful treat! It has been a long time since a book has transported me into its world. while taking the train to work I was suddenly in Naples watching Livia and James cooking in the kitchen or watching a beautiful sunset over the bay of Naples.
Thank you for such beatiful books! I hope a new one will come out soon!

What about the movie?
submitted by Joyell Gutshall   07/02/2010
Hello. Just finished reading the Wedding Officer for the second time and can’t begin to tell you how much I loved the book. The funny thing was that the entire time I was reading I kept thinking about how well the book would translate to a screenplay. The best part of this being made into a movie would be getting to SEE the beautiful countryside that was so wonderfully described in the book.

I was so excited to see at the end of the book that it was bought by a studio, so here’s my burning question of the day….WHEN??? Any word at all of if/when this movie will be made??? Do tell!!

Amazing book
submitted by Jane C.   16/01/2010
This book is the best i have read in a long time.
When you read it, its like you are really there.
Its almost like you can really smell and taste the food.
This is the kind of book that you read 1000 times and never get tired of it.
Truly amazing.

submitted by Julie Galsworthy   14/01/2010
If there is such a word as ‘unputdownable’ then it would be used to describe this book. The history was all new to me – starving women working as prostitutes, the eruption of Vesuvius. I shall be visiting the area for my 50th birthday next year and will definitely seek out some of the places whilst I’m there. After reading the descriptions of Naples and surrounding villages it would be a shame to miss them.

submitted by Cecilia De Sena   05/12/2009
Dear Anthony,
My name is Cecilia De Sena and I am the daughter of Italian migrants from Naples. They migrated to Melbourne, Australia in 1957 . During this time they created a life here as most of their friends have, that always reflected a longing and also a homage to their Italian-ness. Through their cooking and amazing gardens they brought a part of Naples here. There were also stories of the war and the horrible losses of loved ones and the hunger.
I want to thankyou for helping me get a deeper understanding of what they suffered and endured by reading ‘The Wedding Officer’. While reading it I thought of all my relatives and family friends, what they went through and yet still managed to create a wonderful life for themselves and their children and grandchildren both in Italy and across the world.
Thankyou for helping me understand my parents loving relationship with food, their generous nature with food. My mum had told me stories of how she was always hungry, especially after both her parents died when she was twelve, and she and her sisters had to scrape a living out of nothing while four brothers were presumed dead. She says they both died of a broken heart as their four sons were missing, one had been coinfrimed dead.
I havent seen my parents since I have finished reading the book but I know that I will see them in a new light, more empathy and respect.
Thankyou for giving me that.
Cecilia De Sena
P.S She is making gnocchi to day

What a read – The Wedding Officer
submitted by Janette Elliott   08/10/2009
I have just finished reading The Wedding Officer and oh my god this book is absolutely fantasic, I just could not put it down. We visited Sorrento for our Honeymoon and this book brought back lots of happy memories. Both James and Livia’s characters are brilliant and I would definitely love this book to make it to the big screen.

The Wedding Officer
submitted by Rachel O’Malley   21/06/2009
OMG! This book is fantastic. I love Livia’s character, she’s described like this subtle beauty, headstrong, stubborn and mischevious. It would be great to see the book come to life on screen. I have to agree with Tennille, that Kristen Stewart would make an unbelivably fantastic Livia. One thing I didn’y quiet like was Alberto – the fat pig, if this was made into a movie maybe Alberto can still be a pig, but in the sense that all he cres for is money & power, not so much is description as being fat (yuck). Alberto can be the handsome criminal with links to the mafia, who gets everything and anything he wants
& every girl, women in Fiscino wants to be with him, everyone but the girl he wants the most Livia. i don’t think I could stomach to see Livia on screen give herself to someone who literally is a fat pig…no no no. I think someone like Johnathan Rhs Meyer or Robert Pattinson would be great as James Gould and Jared Padalecki or Michael Rady as Enzo. just want to add that I read the excerpt from this site and it was the beginning of the book, the dialogue between Livia & Enzo, from the first “Hello, to Livia’s response that got me hooked in buying this book.

The Wedding Officer – Great Read
submitted by Tennille Dave   17/06/2009
Hi Anthony

Wow! I came by your book quite by accident on the internet, looking for love/war stories set in Italy and your book the Wedding Officer was among them. After reading the Synopsis and the Reading group guide details from your site, I decided to chance it & buy the book and I’m absolutely delighted that i did. I couldn’t put it down, i have recommended this book to everyone that I know in my age group who are fixated on the Stephanie Meyer Vampire love story – twilight Saga. It would be great if this book was made into a movie, perhaps someone like Ron Howard, Francis Ford Coppola or John madden can direct it. this is one of the best novels I have read in a long time. the description of Livia Pertini in terms of appearance and her overall character reminds me of Kristen Stewart, she would be great playing Livia and perhaps Jared Paladecki as Enzo. Anyway all I can say is that if this was made into a movie, you would have millions of Tweens & young adults flocking to the big screen to watch it.
After reading the Weeding Officer twice I went out and bought your first novel The Food of Love, i haven’t finished reading it yet, but you will here from me again

If anyone else is interested umm the following books are also a great read “if I stay” written by Gayle Forman and “Here on Earth” written by Alice Hoffman

Just finished reading… and Oh my goodness…
submitted by Leah Worsnop   12/04/2009

Just wanted to say… Wow… and Grazia for this fabulous book!!

I first read a library copy of The Food Of Love, then promptly went out and bought my own copy so I could read it over and over again… as much for the sensual delights of the food and the story as wanting to have my own copy to use in the kitchen…

And then I discovered The Wedding Officer a few days ago at my local library, and I’ve already read it twice, simply could not put it down. Going to head out as soon as possible to get my own copy – for the same reasons… it’s amazing how the words you use stir my imaginings and combine the sensuality of food and lust into an indescribable reading experience…

Absolutely delightful…


fettucine al limone 2
submitted by nick arrow   27/02/2009
Fettuccine al Limone

Serves 2

2 tablespoons butter (or olive oil)
1 very tiny dried chili, crushed
1 small garlic clove, quartered
½ small onion finely chopped
150ml double cream
2 large lemons (Eureka lemons, if possible, since their zest is thick and tasty)
160-200g fettuccine
½ cup grated Parmigiano or Pecorino
Freshly ground pepper or chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley for garnish

Heat the butter to bubbling, add the chili and garlic, and cook over medium heat until the garlic is golden, about 2 minutes. Remove the garlic, add the onion and soften very slowly, without browning. Add the cream, and when it’s simmering, add the pulp and grated zest (no white attached) of the lemons, and let the sauce reduce by about a quarter, which should take about 4 to 5 minutes.
Cook the fettuccine in the boiling water for a few minutes, until al dente, and while it is cooking add the juice of the lemons and half the Parmigiano to the cream sauce. Drain the pasta well and toss with the lemon sauce. Sprinkle with pepper or parsley, if desired, and serve with the remaining Parmigiano.
If you’re in Campania, where the lemons are almost sweet enough to eat, this recipe is right. If, like me, you’re stuck with crappy UK lemons from Somerfield, then 1) the juice of one lemon will probably be enough, and 2) when you try to get the ‘zest’, all you’ll have is a pinch of brownish goop. If this happens, peel the lemon as thinly as you can, chop the peel very finely, and call that the zest.

fettucine al limone
submitted by nick arrow   27/02/2009
I just wonder, Anthony, how much of a kickback do you get from the Campanian tourist people? The book took me to Naples, which is just as filthy, chaotic and delightful as I expected, and I’m hooked.
And here’s a recipe for fettucine al limone, which my girlfriend (ok, we’ve been married ten years,but hey…) said was the most seductive thing she’d ever tasted (guys, are you listening? learn to cook, it’s worth it!)

The Various Flavours of Coffee
submitted by Peggy Gregory   12/11/2008
This fascinating book was one of those rare finds – it beckoned to be read, & yet I never wanted it to end. What a treasure you are to those of us who love to read!!

Sincerely, Peggy Gregory

submitted by bev Browning   08/11/2008
It’s been a long time since a book has filled me up with emotion. I adored every page and felt transported to wartime Naples – what terrors, what love! I will definitely read more of your stories as I cook to relax and read to delve into others lives. This book had it all for me and of course I’m a sucker for a love story to!

Wonderful Story
submitted by Frank Sarro   12/10/2008
I enjoyed every page and appreciated insight into the Italian partisan story. Now I want to know more.

You’ve got to love a culture that knows food is just as important as love or living. Thank you for bringing us this story.

I do hope that if a movie is made it does your work justice and I look forward to more of your writing.

You are a fresh breath of air
submitted by meryam saliiby   27/09/2008
I read ur book, and it took me to a journey beyond belief. I flew from the every day life to a dream land where even in the time of war there is a positive side to thinks .Great job and hard one tooooooo i can c that good luck.
I love cooking and baking but just paying a littile attintion to ur recipes made me feel like i am missing alot out and here i thought i knew what i was doing …hahaha

Wedding Officer
submitted by Linda Stalley   04/09/2008
Wonderful book – mouthwatering recipes as well as being compassionate, sexy and educational, and all combined in an excellent story.
Could another book be about the many Italians who came to England as prisoners of war but then stayed, after returning to Italy for brides, and ran prosperous businesses?

The wedding Officer
submitted by mary branham   20/06/2008
I just saw an ad for The Wedding Officer in Book Pages I picked up at the library. I can’t wait to read it. It sounds as if you could almost see and taste the food. Sounds great.
I will have to read all your books. They sound wonderful.

What news is there on the films?
submitted by David Lovett   15/06/2008
What fantastic books you have created. I did not want the stories to end and i am looking forward so much to your third novel promised for later this year.

I read that the film rights have been acquired but I am disappointed that there is no news of casting or of either going into production. Are there any updates on this subject?

submitted by Robin Steward   04/06/2008
Anthony, many many thanks for composing such a beautiful, uplifting, easy-to-read story. The Wedding Officer is a one-in-a-million, and two days after finishing it, I am still with a big goofy smile on my face.

I’ve been no farther east than Ohio and no farther south than Florida, but in my mind I can now say that I’ve been to Naples and Rome and all the little communities you wrote of. What a gift you have, to craft plain simple words into scenes your readers can quite actually see and feel in their minds and hearts.

Bravo, and thanks again.


This book should be made into a film!!
submitted by Samantha Cockerton   09/05/2008
Absolutely loved The Wedding Officer – please please please will someone make this book into a film?? It’s just crying out for all that emotion/detail/Italian life to be captured and shared on the big screen. Finger’s crossed!!!

submitted by Anna B (100% Italian in UK)   09/04/2008
Glad you wrote this book!!it is probably even better than “the food of love”. You have been very accurate in depicting us Italians, particularly lovely BUT stubborn girls like me!!..and dear me, through your book, you made me fly back to my home country, to the blue sea, the sun, you made me savor a soft, juicy mozzarella. Bravo Anthony, hai scritto proprio un bellissimo libro!! keep up the good work…if you need any Italian tips, just let me know! Ciao!

travel once again to Italy
submitted by evelyn straub   06/04/2008
We made two trips to Italy 12 & 15 yrs. ago. Would love to return but my husband had to have his leg amputated above the knee 10 yrs. ago and Europe is not exactly handicap friendly. But how we would love to be in Italy again. Reading your two wonderful books brought us close to it.

the wedding officer
submitted by ethel hunter   11/11/2007
when i picked this book up in the library i was informed by the librarian that it was a terrific book how right she was, I can hardly put it down and wish it could just go on and on so that I didn’t have to turnto the last page.

many times I have visited Sorento Area so I can relate to the story
I look forward to reading The Food of Love and do hope it is not long before you have another book out.

Reading the messages that have been sent to you shows that you have a large following of fans so PLEASE dont keep us waiting to long.


message –
submitted by lynn cater   07/11/2007
This book was chosen by our Book Club, “The Bookies” in St. Petersburg, Florida as the November book to read. It was suggested by the husband of a fomer member that we lost this summer to cancer as a book we would all enjoy reading. He had enjoyed the book & the recipes and highly recommended the book to us. His wife was also English.
OUr review of the book will be on Wednesday, Nov 14th.
Thank you.

submitted by sue wilson   10/10/2007
After reading “The Food of Love” and absolutely loving it I discovered “The Wedding Officer” It has inspired me to spend the last couple of hours researching the 1944 eruption of Vesuvius. Fascinating story! Thank you for expanding my knowledge. I look forward to your next book, your descriptions of food are magnificent! I grew up in a town in Australia full of Italians, ie Griffith. They transformed the area into one of Australia’s best and most cosmopolitan country towns, with a thriving wine and fruit industry. Perhaps you could write a book about them!

Loved it.
submitted by Carol Wollaston   08/10/2007
I am an avid reader and belong to two book clubs here in Tauranga, New Zealand. Because I review books for the local newspaper, I got to read it first! It was an absolute treat and many people have purchased it because I raved so enthusiastically. We are all looking forward to the next one.

submitted by michee cheng   01/10/2007
i couldn’t put the book down. reading this book made me want to hop on a plane, go to italy and try all the food that was mentioned and more. what a wonderful book!

Love love loved this book!
submitted by Gina Andress   08/09/2007
Just like everyone else here, once I started reading this book, I could not put it down. I’m of Italian descent and boy did this book awaken the passionate Italian in me. It brought back such wonderful memories of time spent with loved ones in Italy. What great writing. I love the way romance, food, heritage and history were merged into words that were delicious! I look forward to your next projects and I hope the Wedding Officer comes out as a movie soon.

keep writing!
submitted by paul bailey   24/08/2007

Fantastic read
submitted by Giuseppe De Gregorio   21/08/2007
I was born in Somerset and both my parents are Italian, my Dad’s family is from Sorrento and my Mum’s family is from Caiazzo nr Caserta, after reading both your books I felt I was back in Italy tasting the wonderful food, you have really captured the truth about Italian cooking and passion, I eat home made Italian food every day and love it, I look forward to any future books you may be writing.

Thankyou Anthony from Joe

I loved to visit Naples and Amalfi after reading your book
submitted by Diana Turner   11/08/2007
Thank you Anthony for your books. I am in love with Italy and your books fit in with my mood this period and I enjoyed reading them a lot. “The Wedding Officer” has revealed for me the beauty of that part of Italy I have not visited yet. And of course I long for trying at least some of the dishes described in one of local places.
Thank you again and I look forward to your new books!


Absolutely Stunning
submitted by Kerry McClernon   25/07/2007
I adored your first book and I adored and devoured your second book even more. I bought this to take to Tuscany on holiday in August, but just couldn’t wait. I picked it up and read the first page and was hooked. Nobody has been fed in this house in 2 days, no washing done and certainly no cleaning, everyone was told to ssshhh whilst I finished it. I am preparing a feast tonight to make it up to them.

Your description of life during WW2 in Italy really brought home to me the deprivations and tragedy everyone suffered. I remember as a child, my academic parents taking my brother and I to the war graves in Britany and Normandy and feeling anger at what a waste.

Thank you so much for a wonderful book, reading it amounted to not just a good read, but an evocative emotional experience.

Kerry McClernon,
Islandmagee, Northern Ireland

P.S. Another favourite book of mine was totally unrecognisable after the film makers finished with it.
Frances Mayes, Under the Tuscan Sun, to say it was dire and nothing to do with the book, let alone follow it, would be an understatement. Beware! :@)

Bursting flavours
submitted by Jenny Lee   29/05/2007
Cherries and apricots just ripe to the bite, with the sunshine stilled coated on them – this is the flavour still left in my mouth after I finished reading the book.

The only thing that I ask of you, if I can, as a reader, is to keep writing.

If it is going to be adopted for a movie, I think it is going to be a tough job finding the right Priscilla and Pupetra 😀

Truly staisfying
submitted by Jessica Marshallsay   27/05/2007
I thoroughly enjoyed the Food of Love, so when I picked up the Wedding Officer at my local library (attracted by the gorgeous cover) I was delighted to find it was by the same author.

I borrowed it yesterday, and finished it this morning, despite going to a rugby match and a 21st birthday in between!

The romance is beautiful – there is something very reassuring about a man who can write romance so well! – and the insight into life in wartime Italy is fascinating. The characters are believable; I think I fell a little in love with James myself!

And the descriptions of the food are, as in the Food of Love, utterly bewitching. You can almost taste the sweet lemons and the grassy olive oil. I’m completely inspired to get out my Italian cookbooks and look for even more recipes.

great read!!
submitted by Rachel Montague-Ebbs   19/05/2007
I just can’t put this book down
I have 1 chapter left and this has taken me no time at all to read

its a fabulous story of 2 Italian passions – food and love

keep them coming!

great read
submitted by claire raw   17/05/2007
being a lover of all things italian i picked up your book and read it while in sardinia on holiday. i loved the book and lent it to my friend joe who is 82 and served in napples durring the war . he said it was the best book he has ever read and brought back lots of memorys


holiday in Sorrento peninsular
submitted by elizabeth townsend   07/05/2007
Dear Anthony,
Quite by chance i picked up the book in Sainsburys and thought it would be good holiday reading.My holiday was a walking week based at Vico Equense. What a read- the descriptions of food were marvellous, I was actually in Pompeii and visited the lupinare complete with the murals , Vesuvius dominated the scene. A magnificant read. Must get your other book.
When will you be publishing your next book?

The Wedding Officer
submitted by Ros Hannon   19/04/2007
Having lived in Naples during the 1980’s was intrigued by this book. I’m half way through it and wish work didn’t get in the way but it gives me a good excuse to snuggle up at night-time though and return to Naples.
Great read – was going to keep it for my holidays but am soooooo glad I didn’t. Love the food, passion and romance, you have so understood the Neapolitans.
Will go off and read The Food of Love after – seems that’s got brill reviews too.
Thanks for returning me to a very special part of the world.

submitted by Peter Dedman   13/04/2007
To the other man further down, no, you are not the only man to read “The Wedding Officer” and enjoy it – I have a queue of colleges here in The Hague waiting patiently , passing the book along after each reads it.

better than ever
submitted by lesley barker   10/04/2007
even better than last book characters much more likeable made you care about what happened to them. couldn`t put it down it also made me hungry every time i read it!!

The Right Ingredients for a Great Book
submitted by Claire Butler   05/04/2007
I was recently searching the shelves of my local bookstore looking for a book with all my favourite ingredients – A mixture of World War 2, Italy and of course a generous helping of romance. The Wedding Officer was exactly what I was looking for.

Although I have never been to Naples I was married in Tuscany 3 years ago and have had a love affair with Italy ever since. The vivid description of its people, landscape and amazing food in the book brought back all the memories I have of the place and I felt almost home sick, desperate to go back!

I also fell in love with the story between James and Livia and really felt the connection between them. I only wish I could speak Italian the way that James can!

As a big fan of war stories I was really intrigued by the description of wartime Naples and the people’s experiences. I also enjoyed the closeness to history which was obviously researched so carefully.

I only hope that the film planned for next year will do the book justice and that they carefully choose the Italian Livia and English James of the big screen.

loved the book
submitted by Sharon Sparks   07/03/2007
Hi Anthony,
I just finished reading your book “The Wedding Officer.” I absolutely loved it. What a beautiful story! I’m an American, an English teacher in Spain, and I love to cook, so it was a perfect story for me to read. I adored the character of Livia. Many congratulations. I will buy anything you write!
Best regards,
Sharon Sparks

The Food Of Love
submitted by Susan Inskip   28/02/2007
Dear Anthony,
Italy, food and love are all perfect ingredients which, when blended and mixed together according to your own recipe, have produced a delicious concoction. I have just finished reading The Wedding Officer and can’t wait for your next novel.
I am a library assistant and, together with many of my colleagues, have recommended The Food Of Love to a great many customers. I will do the same with The Wedding Officer (as soon as the staff heve all finished reading it!). Thank you for two wonderful books!

Further thoughts on the Wedding Officer…
submitted by Elizabeth Hunt   12/01/2007
A movie is always scary of a well loved book and inevitably there are changes. Keeping the integrity is essential but readers must remember that film is a different medium alogether. Perhaps actress Monica Bertolucci as Livia? There must be other Italian actors as well but not Penelope Cruz although I am a fan of hers she seems to be the actress they choose for any role requiring a southern Euopean woman.

As someone who loves cooking I loved the food but I also loved the historical context (I learnt a lot) and I am eager to read more about Sophia Loren’s childhood in Napoli and Anzio. I was in Naples three years ago when my brother, a very proper RAF officer was working for NATO and loved it although most people whom I knew who had been there regarded it as a place to avoid.

Was sorry to finish the book. I realy relished the last few pages.

the film
submitted by laura tombs   06/09/2006
loved your book, if it does get made into a film i think penelepe cruz should play livia as she is i thought of when livia was first described in the book
look forward to the next book

What a wonderful story!!
submitted by Tracy Markham   21/08/2006
Dear Anthony,
Food of Love was a hard act to follow but you certainly did a good job – i could not put this down! I laugheed and cried all the way through.You are an excellent story teller.
PLEASE PLEASE do not let those film people ruin your story – i think the film shoud stay true to the language and be told in Italian.I would hate to see James & Livia reduced to drivel by some egocentric hollywood icon.

Am I the only male?
submitted by Anthony John   19/08/2006
Hi Anthony,
The Food of Love
What a fabulous book to get the gastric juices flowing,and the tear ducts leaking!!. Am I the only soppy male to read this book several times?? (I notice all the other correspondents are ladies)!!
When is The Wedding Officer coming out in paperback? Soon I hope.
Keep up the good work.

When is YOUR cook book coming out??? We are waiting!
submitted by Deva deRocher-Barron   08/08/2006
Both books where utterly delightful and totally delicious, yum! My question is WHEN is your cook book coming out??? Deva

A great read!
submitted by Anne Marie Gregory   02/08/2006
I’ve just finished reading The Wedding Officer, after a recommendation from my Mum that I should take it on holiday to Italy with me. It was a fantastic read and I thoroughly enjoyed it – even if I did cry at some bits! Thank you for many hours of pleasant reading.

The books
submitted by Rachel Ferrara   31/07/2006

I just wanted to pass on my praise for the The Food of Love and The Wedding Officer.

I spotted The Food of Love in my local library and it was just what I was looking for; food, passion and sex! I absolutely adore Italy and the man of my dreams, now my husband, is from Liguria, so I am lucky enough to have tasted the real Italian food which comes from Mama’s garden, or Nonno’s olive trees – fantastic!!

The Food of Love contained such passion for food and Bruno’s ideas and dreams of cooking for Laura melted my heart when I thought he may never have them come true. I loved trying to picture the meals and imagine how the food would taste.

Then, there was The Wedding Officer, which I had to read once I had read The Food of Love. It was a million miles, in many ways, from The Food of Love, but they are linked by the love of food and I loved the taste of life in Italy many years ago.

Both these books contain such passion and lust, they are exciting to read and they seem to both deliver a message which is very close to my heart; if you are in love, then you feel on top of the world, you want to be a better person and you would fight for that love.

Congratulations, your books are easy to read and get lost in, they stir up emotion as you read them and they describe food deliciously!

Thank you

Loved it!
submitted by Claire Cobb   20/07/2006
My new husband and I honeymooned last October in Sorrento, tho’ unfortunately we didn’t make it to Naples 😉 but a lot of the food Anthony described rang true. We love Italian food, my husband’s aunt lives in Lazio (Frosinone) and when my husband’s mother died some years ago she taught him how to cook with an italian slant. We also love Italy, tho’ we’ve only been to Campania and Lazio so far. The Italians are bonkers, but loveable too. So much of Anthony’s writing evoked such happy memories for me. We plan to return to the Amalfi Coast for our fifth year wedding anniversary, but this time, we’ll take that ferry to Naples!!

Wonderful book
submitted by Janey Cumming   01/07/2006
I finished reading The Wedding Officer today and just wanted to say what an absolutely delicious read it was. A beautiful book which I thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you!

A Great Read
submitted by Laurina Dolzan   23/06/2006
I enjoyed the book immensely, I laughed … I cried … It made me feel as though I was actually in Italy and could taste the amazing textures and smell the fragrances. Being part of an Italian family, I could relate to the personalities depicted in the story. I now have a sudden urge to get on a plane!!!

Love your book
submitted by Patama Intrarakha   15/06/2006
I just finished reading The Wedding Officer, and I must say that I immensely enjoyed the book from start to finish. Haven’t read your first one though, and I’m not sure if I could find a copy here in Bangkok (where I live). The Italian dishes (and the characters) described in the book really made me drool. Thanks for such delicious work!!!

Excellent Book !
submitted by Susanne Victor   30/05/2006

I just wantd to say how much I enjoyed your second novel.

I just could not put it away. It was a very sad day when I finished reading the book.

Just want to go to Naples now, and eat italian food till I pop.

Looking forward to the next one !

Would make an excellent movie !

Thanks again

Best regards


The Wedding Officer
submitted by Emma Vincent   04/05/2006
The problem with writing an amazing first novel is how you follow it!
I think The Wedding Officer was a wise and fabulous second novel. This one may not be full of delicious recipes that make you want to jump on a plane to Italia, fall in love and race scooters through narrow street, but I feel this book was not only a beautiful love story but also educating. The historic content gave the book a real truth and strength to Capella’s writing. Yet it still had a similar feel with its intoxicating descriptions, both of food and love.

I look forward to book three!

barbecued asparagus
submitted by Natasha Taylor   02/05/2006
Dear Anthony,

Thank you so much for another wonderful novel. I didn’t think I’d enjoy any book as much as I did The Food of Love, but The Wedding Officer was just completely delicious.

This simple spring dish is adapted from a recipe by Valentina Harris, in ‘Recipes from an Italian Terrace’. You brush asparagus spears with oil and blacken them on a barbecue (it may help to part-cook them first). Meanwhile, make some parsley pesto by whizzing 3 garlic cloves, 100ml of walnut oil, a large bunch of parsley and 3 tbsp parmesan in a food processor. Pour the suace over the asparagus just before serving.


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  1. Jenny Broughton 21st February 2016 at 5:00 pm

    Dear Mr Capella – what a treat it is to be able to write to an author I have discovered (purely by the cover on your book the Wedding Officer). I just adored it and the food and recipes gave it such a wonderful taste and feel. It makes one want to visit this fabulous region as I was completely transfixed by your descriptions and the story. Thank you so much, and I can’t wait to read every single one of your books. Regards Jenny Broughton

  2. Laura Donjon 28th November 2017 at 4:57 pm

    BBC documentary – Norman Lewis Naples ’44 and Elena Ferrante novels

    I enjoyed reading The Wedding Officer a couple of years ago as an easy holiday read, but was just reminded of it when I found my husband watching the BBC documentary about Norman Lewis’ diaries:
    I kept saying ‘that is just like in a book I read once’ and then I remembered The Wedding Officer and found this website, where of course I find that Norman Lewis was an inspiration for the book!

    I should also recommend the Elena Ferrante novels ‘My Brilliant Friend’ and it’s sequels, even though I haven’t read them yet! Some linked articles from The Guardian below:



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